Crochet Toys


My little boy rarely asks me to make him something, but when hi does it is usually very important and urgent. That was a case this time too. On Sunday afternoon, seeing how I am itching to get into my yarns he asked “Mom, could You make me something?” He quickly chose Amineko Crocheted Cat, when shown Ravelry folder of crocheted toys. Continue reading


Shawl full of forest


This weekend I had a pleasure to congratulate my dear grandmother on her 80th anniversary. I think it is really amazing when at this age one is still full of joy, happiness and energy! So this special occasion required a special gift. I made her this shawl, I hope it’ll keep her warm! Continue reading



While my needles and hooks are busy making yet another project ( well, a couple of them for now) I wanted to show you my first attempt at cross stitch. I’ve done it a few years ago, but only got it frame recently. I bought it as a kit – sorry I do not recall the brand. But I liked the process so much that right after this one came a couple more – a pillow for my mom and a biscornu, which was sold in a Christmas charity fair, and yes I forgot to take a picture of that… Lately I’ve been feeling like I could stitch a thing or two again.

Please, I really need more hands! Anyone? 🙂


Reseting My Brain


Really nothing fancy – just some small, quick, no counting, no swatching, no intense thinking project after finishing a big one. In order to reset my brain and make some space for new ideas!

Though I’m starting to wonder were am I going to put all those “resetters”… Oh, but let’s enjoy the process and not bother ourselves with such details 😀



Tiny yet important piece of clothing


Sometimes in a little ladies wardrobe you can find tiny, often invisible, yet very important pieces. These little panties, for example. “Nothing special” you might say. But just think – wearing these panties means now you can sit down on the (still cold) ground and explore what’s happening under those old grass leaves ( you are mistaken if you think there’s nothing of interest there 😉 ). Continue reading

A little something for home again


Sometimes I squeeze in some little project in between the big ones. Just something you can make like in one brief and reset your mind 🙂



Bohus Challenge


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Finally – I have it. It took me a month to turn the colorful yarn parcel into this cheerful and warm knitwear. Of course, I managed to complete a couple of smaller project during that time, and had a few knitting-free weekend as well… I chose Drops alpaca for this project, because it is a rather hairy yarn. This pullover is knit using Scandinavian technique called Bohus Stickning – it requires fine gauge, hairy yarn (best would be a blend with angora), and the motives are not the traditional deers and snowflakes, but rather some abstract colorful compositions. And, it often uses purl stitches. I image it would look wonderful to use close colors – hairy yarn and purling would create an amazing color traditions in the pattern. One more thing making this technique a bit challenging is the use of more than 2 colors in one row – it can lead you to managing 5 colors at a time. Can you imagine this colorful mess?


My pullover is a  modern version. The yarn is fine, but the gauge is looser, colors are contrasting. And yet I have a strong feeling I might find myself making a more traditional version ad using some kind of angora blend for the next cold season!

So how did it go for me with this Bohus thing? The colored pattern was slow… I had to concentrate not to get lost between colors, knit and purl stitches and increases at first. But  once the pattern was in my head, the only slow thing was keeping the wrong side tidy and not getting all tangled up 😀 All the rest went like a breeze. Oh, yes and I caught myself  cursing while knitting the pattern on the sleeves using magic loop. I didn’t have DPNs of the ritgh size… Oh well, it all went away once I could get dressed!


And one more thing – I love alpaca. It is so warm, yet so light, and there’s no need to put multiple layers underneath!





(Thank You, Reda!


Code: Armonika Cowl



One more cowl for one more friend! Finally, I had a chance to try this pattern by a Lithuanian designer. The texture looks amazing, yet it is as simple as it can be! The only modification I made was adding a 3 st i-cord edge. Simple and quick, yet really beautiful!



(Credits go to Reda from