I come from Lithuania – a beautiful country in the Northern Europe on the shore of the Baltic sea. As You might guess, here we have nice long winter evenings which are perfect for handcrafts and knitting just happens to be the case.

I loved knitting (and crocheting from time to time) as long as I can remember. Thanks to my grannies and grand-granny I knew what knitting needles and crochet hooks are for before even finding out there was such thing as school 🙂 I can still vaguely remember how I was sort of crocheting sweater-ish for my brother. Ok,  I only thought that crocheted thing had anything to do with wearable garment, but still was very excited waiting for my little brother. I was some 4-ish years old then.

So I’ve been tangling with yarns since early childhood – sometimes more, sometimes less. But when I became pregnant I rediscovered knitting. So now I’m seriously addicted to fibers, yarns and all that stuff. And it doesn’t look like I’m getting better any soon 😀

I started this blog because I wanted to keep track of the things I do and learn. And I sort of felt I needed “to talk” to somebody about this yarnddiction 🙂

Enjoy reading, share Yor thoughts!

Tangled Yarn



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