This time I will start with a story about why this creature was brought to light 🙂

I don’t know how about you, but I have a rather complicated relationship with curbs. And at the kindergarten, right at the spot where I stop every morning there is a biiig fat curb. And we were ok keeping a distance for more than a year, and then one morning something went wrong and I went onto it. I can still hear that “pffff…..” sound – you guessed right, my tire was completely broken… I new I had a spear UNDER my car, but how on hell do I take it from down there, let alone changing it :/

Luckily that morning Rytis ( a wanderful teacher!) was starting the day at the kindergarten, so I simply asked for a help. And to make things clear I must say that that morning the weather was rubbish – rainy, windy, cold and dark. Brrr….Oh, and neither of us new how to take that spear from underneath the car 😀 And my husband (who’s reaction to the whole situaction was “3:0 curbs are winning”, 3 – is the number of tires lost in such encounters) was not picking up his phone, obviously…

But as I said – Rytis is amazing and he agreed to help, provided I  keep an eye on the little ones, who already had started arriving… Oh boy…

It took about an hour, and I feel absolutely competent telling you that daycare teachers are superhuman! And not because they are ready to help out mothers, who doesn’t know their way around the curbs, but because they manage to look after our kids! It took me an hour to realize that. Imagine: your are reading a book with 3 kids (preferably with full attention, because it seems they know all book by heart, and just try mixing something up!) and then suddenly your 6th sense is telling you that a couple of guys decided to reach that shelf at the top… and your ear catches a sound of a quarrel becoming serious, and some smart one decide try and push the limits of “DOs and DON’Ts” because, obviously, this “fresh meet” looking after them doesn’t know the rules that well and on top of that your are constantly feeling that some naughties might be acting in your blind zone….

I just realized I need to ask my hubby to teach me to change that spear after all, I believe there’s less stress in it 😀

Back to business.  My car is back on track and I somehow get a feeling that a simple “Thank You” is not enough, no matter how sincere 😀 I try asking about favorite chocolate and stuff, but Rytis already had something better in mind: “Could you make Zippy?” “Of course I can!” I felt relieved. I knew he was asking to crochet a toy-ish because my boy had taken  a few crochet toys to the kindergarten  and the teachers really admired them.

And then I receive a photo of Zippy:


Relief is gone 😀 But, as I am starting to believe – the only things you can’t do are those you haven’t tried yet. So after sometime spent with crochet hooks, errors and trials, froggings and so on Zippy came to life! And you should have seen how interested my little one was in the whole process! A bit disappointed that it is not for him, but still very helpful in stuffing and making sure that the had is tact 😀 And after carefully analyzing it he made a conclusion” Mommy, look – you have made not the head of Zippy but a boooomb” and through it all way across the room 😀

So here’s the story behind this green beauty. It is always interesting to see what you can do and learn, and if your are not up to it… well, better learn  to change your tires then 😀