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Finger-less mitts proved to be one the best knits for kids. As you have probably noticed I barely make any sweaters, trousers or any other kind of clothing for my little one. Simply because I am being practical.

While outdoors in the kindergarten (in fact they spend there the majority of time) I prefer special clothing that does not mind daily washing and tumble drying. And something I am not afraid will get dirty, torn or endure any other kind of torture. In fact my motto when choosing outfit for kindergarten is simple: Childhood can be either clean, or happy. An trust me, my little one is extremely happy 🙂 Indoors and knitwear also does not go well together – it is rather warm inside, and once the racing around starts, any knitwear would lead to overheating and consequently – some kind of cold, flue, fever or whatever…   So here I am – left with autumn hats and finger-less mitts. Oh, and usually a pair of socks. Cowls and scarfs are not his thing, unless they are mine… But let’s get back to the point!

Finger-less mitts from last year are too small this season. And here you can see the second pair I made this year. The first one is already in action, and I can’t find a moment to take a picture. This pair will go to lovely girl of my dear friend.

Why do I (and my little one, and theachers at kindergarten) like this piece of clothing so much? Simply because they leave those little fingers free to explore and learn while keeping the hand warm. And they do not get wet that easy. Can you imagine what those traditional knit mittens would look like after examining some interesting grass when the weather is damp? When it is time to stir some mud in the swamp they put on some water-proof mittens on top of those finger less mitts.

And yes – they are very quick to make, and one can get away with just 1 ball of yarn 🙂

Mine are made this way:

CO 36 sts.

  • rounds 1-20: [k2, p2] to the end
  • round 21: k to the end
  • round 22: k3, yo, k to the end
  • round 23: k3, ptbl, k to the end
  • round 24: k3, yo, p1, k to the end
  • round 25: k3, ptbl, p1, ptbl, k to the end
  • round 26: k3, yo, p3, k to the end
  • round 27: k3, ptbl, p3, ptbl, k to the end
  • round 28:  k3, yo, p5, k to the end
  • round 29: k3, ptbl, p5, ptbl, k to the end
  • round 30: k3, yo, p7, k to the end
  • round 31: k3, ptbl, p7, ptbl, k to the end
  • round 32: k3, yo, p9, k to the end
  • round 33: k3, ptbl, p9, ptbl, k to the end
  • round 34: k3, yo, p11, k to the end
  • round 35: k3, ptbl, p11, ptbl, k to the end
  • rounds 36-39: k3, p13, k to the end
  • round 40: k3, BO 13 sts k-wise, k to the end
  • round 41 (change color): k
  • rounds 42-50: [k2, p2] to the end

BO k-wise, weave in the ends, wash it, lay flat to dry and let those curious hands enjoy the exploring while kept warm!


  • Pattern: my own improvisations as noted above
  • Gauge: 28 sts x 36 rows = 10 x 10 cm in st st
  • Yarn: Natural Aran, colors 425 Jones and 428 Portobello. 30 g is enough for single colored.
  • Needles: 3 mm cubics