I couldn’t resist – I simply had to get my needles into the new ITO Sensai. There now long contemplation, or difficult calculation – I simply CO 160 st and kept knitting until ball was over 🙂 I ended up with a light as feather silky cowl, that has so much warmth in it you wouldn’t believe!

My absolutely biased ( because I am totally in love with it) notes on this yarn:

  • Get ready to be taken away by the softness.
  • I didn’t find any hair shed – neither after knitting nor wearing it.
  • Patterns should be practiced on some other yarn if you need before starting a project with ITO Sensai. Like any other mohair yarn, this one does not like frogging at all.
  • It is a bit finer than similar quality yarns and due to the higher silk/less mohair in the content the fuzz is a bit smaller.


Oh, and my little one took this “scarf”, touched it to his cheeck and giggled happily and that had a somewhat possessive look at MY new cowl 😀


  • Pattern: none
  • Yarn: ITO Sensai, color 326 Pool Blue, 1 ball
  • Needles: 3.25 mm 40 cm circulars.