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Even though it doesn’t like cold weather is coming any time soon ( at least that’s how it seems while being outdoors), I saw a “notification” on Facebook that there are only 14 Mondays left till Christmas (have you notices that 14 Mondays sounds “sooner” than let’s say 14 weeks or 3 months?).

So I guess with holidays being so close, cold is even closer. An the other day my little gentlemen brought his old hat to show me it is already too small. And  when it comes to hats he is some what of a conservative nature – he likes only this particular model Garter Ear Flap Hat by Purl Soho, and it also must have a pompom-ish thing on the top. SO he chose the yarn, the color ( no need that even a slight proposal to also have a look at other shades was met with silent yet strong resistance – you know that LOOK, don’t you? 😀 ). He even gave me an official permit to knit – “you can now go work with your knitting” 😀


KLIACKAS  – that is how I call that pompom-ish thing in my mother-tongue 🙂

Since my yarn was a bight thinner, and there for the gauge was off, I made some adjustments.  For a 3-year-old “I am a big kid” with head circumference of about 52-53 cm I CO 108 sts and divided them between markers as follows: 7-29-36-29-7 (it becomes clearer after looking into the pattern). The height from the ear corner to the beginning of the decs is about 12 cm. All the rest – more or less after the instructions.


Tried it on and it was perfect. Just too warm yet, so all we need now is a suitable weather for the hat 😀