20160827_135612I might be repeating myself, but socks are something I simply have to knit when the time comes. Autumn is approaching and soon my not so little anymore prince will be splashing around after rain and exploring damp forests with his rubber boots on. And as the temperature gets nearer to the zero (Celsius) home knit socks is a big advantage! In fact, last year he went on with his rubber boots and socks even with a little bit below zero (Celsius), and only got into his snow boots when it was really really cold, or – as the name suggests – after the snow fell.

So here I am, getting ready for Winter. I thought I was making these socks with some room for growing feet, but looks like I will have to make a larger pair, as these are tight fit now. And I’m talking about width, not foot length which is easily adjustable 😀 I will have to CO more…

You might suggest buying a pair at the store and getting on to some more pleasant (for me) knits. But those store-bought socks just doesn’t make it right. Besides, while knitting my little boy manages to entertain me. E.g., I put those sock with needles in them to measure how much do I need to knit for foot and ask him whether he likes it. “Yes, very much, especially the spikes. Please, leave them in”. Do I need to tell You the spikes are my 2.5 mm sharp DPNs? 😀 Luckily we came to an agreement for removing those spikes after all…

So that’s my day-to-day knits while waiting for the most colorful season of the year. And a hat, fingerless mitts are queued, and definitely something else will pop up. And who says I’m not working on something for myself? Oh, and my mother already has introduced me to her Christmas wishes 😀 How many WIPS do You usually have going on?


  • Patten: plain socks with short row heels, CO 52 sys for a 3 year old guy
  • Yarn: Sole to Sole
  • Needles: 2.5 mm