My little boy rarely asks me to make him something, but when hi does it is usually very important and urgent. That was a case this time too. On Sunday afternoon, seeing how I am itching to get into my yarns he asked “Mom, could You make me something?” He quickly chose Amineko Crocheted Cat, when shown Ravelry folder of crocheted toys.

And your really do not need to ask me twice when it comes to crafting. And God knows, I would have made it faster than it took Portugal to win the championship, but… The pattern was on my smartphone, and my little guy would come and check how things are going from time to time. I had to rip the head 3 times, because started on the had I would find myself following the instructions for body or even a paw… Those tiny scrolling fingers!

Slowly came the evening and bed time, and – oh no – the cat wasn’t finished yet. We managed to come to an agreement that if he falls asleep quickly, then mummy will have time to finish it up, so that it can say good morning to his new toy. You should have seen how honestly he tried to fall asleep… It still makes me laugh! “Mummy… Could you help me to sleep? I feel tired of falling asleep…”. So after he finally did, I had no choice but keep my promise.


“Oh thanx” – he said in the morning, when his eyes were finally opened enough to see things. “But I also need a Booboo…”

After that came negotiation like the evening before, this time it was about going to kindergarten peacefully in exchange for Booboo. For those of you who do not now, Booboo is a creature, that hides away toys left in a mess, steels away unfinished lunches, and hides all the interesting things of Mom and Dad that are so interesting to play, etc.


“It’s great” – happy voice in the evening, when my little guy rushes in. Then a quick examination, followed by “Hey… where are his ears?”. He sounded very concerned. Then until this morning there was no attention payed towards the new friends. And in the morning, right before going out to the kindergarten he quickly grabbed the cat and Booboo with a quick notice “Mom.. You forgot to make legs for Booboo…”

“Honey, he does not need legs, cause he can flyyyy…”. Looks like the answer satisfied him.

And you should have seen how proud he was in the kindergarten: “This is a cat.. from my moms yarn. Look – you can bend his legs like this! And this is BooBoo, he flies, so he doesn’t need legs!”