This weekend I had a pleasure to congratulate my dear grandmother on her 80th anniversary. I think it is really amazing when at this age one is still full of joy, happiness and energy! So this special occasion required a special gift. I made her this shawl, I hope it’ll keep her warm!


There’s really not much to tell about the pattern,  except that it is really easy and smooth. I’d rather say a few words about the yarn. I had been looking for a reason to try it for quite sometime. So here’s my experience with it: it’s hand dyed so the color is variating a bit, it is soft – not a baby merino wool, but definitely not going to “eat you alive”. Should you decide to use this yarn on some project other than shawl, scarf, etc… make sure to swatch. The yarn really changes after washing AND  blocking. It acquires a small halo, and grows. My shawl did grow a lot ( that was the intention 😉 ). And the finished fabric has a really nice drape and holds it’s shape!

Once again, all the best to my grandma, I hope I get to knit a present for 90th anniversary!


  • Pattern: French Cancan
  • Yarn: Shilasdair Luxury 4ply, color Bracken, 220 g ( I made this shawl larger than the noted in the pattern, I had over 400 sts on the last row).
  • Needle: 3 mm cubics