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This story begins with one lovely fox. And not just any fox – this one was painted by my lovely lovely friend somewhere in the balcony in Sweden, went back to Lithuania, kept resisting to be sold, and now it is clear why – so that we could meet! It was love at first sight literally!


I admired this fox – expressively, emotionally and  kept measuring it against my walls in my mind. And my friend liked my knitting. Strong enough to decide to give the fox to me in exchange for a sweater! Can you imagine how happy I was???

So it was time to decide what sweater could it be. We’ve looked at tons of photos, went through the knitting patterns and kept searching until we agreed on something she liked and I would enjoy making.

When the question of the silhouette was cleared, it was time to decide on patterns. The final decisions were made eating pizza and trying not grab a swatch for a napkin 😀  It’s a pity we didn’t take any pictures of that restaurant table, but the remaining pile of swatches shows how extensively we were wondering:)


And just before I could get my needles into those soft fuzzy balls, I had to do one more thing – CALCULATIONS. I tend to emphasize how important are gauge swatches, and you can see – I make them… So I calculated, and recalculated… 😀


The hard part was done – now all I had to do was relax with my knitting, get a bit stressed whether I had bought enough yarn, and tooe a lot of mirror selfies for a distance measuring 🙂 And happily started jumping when I realized I won’t be sending it via post (yeah, you start missing your friends really quick).


Now a few details:

  • The sweater is seamless, I only used needle for weaving in the ends.
  • I used needle 2.5 mm for cowl, cuffs and bottom ribbing, 3 mm – for the body. And I had a chance to try a 15 cm DPNs, and liked it way better than 20 cm ones!
  • Shoulders are joined using 3 needle bind-off.
  • The cowl edge is done with i-cord bind-off.
  • Silhouette – sort of long boxy 🙂



But the most important thing here is the result and happy friend! And of course that feeling of satisfaction a had while making such a big project of my own creation!


Look – she started flying 😀


And this is happy me with my lovely fox.




  • Pattern: my own – Polar Bear
  • Yarn: Drops Alpaca, color 0100, 10 balls, Rowan Kidsilk Haze, color 00634, 8 balls
  • Needle:  2.55 and 3 mm