Sometimes in a little ladies wardrobe you can find tiny, often invisible, yet very important pieces. These little panties, for example. “Nothing special” you might say. But just think – wearing these panties means now you can sit down on the (still cold) ground and explore what’s happening under those old grass leaves ( you are mistaken if you think there’s nothing of interest there 😉 ).

The little lady to whom these were made already informed me that she would like another pair for the Autumn season. And guess what – my little prince also said he wants his mommy to knit him panties like those, but blues (it’s a pity I can’t translate it in English how cute that request sounds in his childish language 😀 ).


These panties are of my imagination. I already can sea what I need to improve in the future, and it also is a “tangible” proof that you have to measure the actual owner, even if it is a kid. My little prince is only 4 days younger than the little lady, but these panties are looser…

I can.t tell You exactly how i made it with all the stitch numbers, decs and incs, as I (where was my sanity) didn’t put anything down! It was one those projects, that you just do a few quick calculation for a nice start, and then just go on and  on an on, until you realize you’re finished 🙂



By the way, that green part should have been longer and folded, to make space for elastic, but I ran out of yarn so had to do some “hacking” and just sewed it on using fish bone stitch ( I guess that’s how it is cold…). The shaping on the behind is done with some short rows, and the whole thing is knit back and forward. I really don’t like DPNs, and I’m also not very fond of magic loop, so I decided a small nice seem wouldn’t do any harm!


  • Pattern: directly from my head
  • Yarn: Holst Garn Samarkand, yarn held double
  • Needles: 3 mm [/su_note]


(Thank You, Reda! www.animalsindresses.com)