This is mys first sweater that I knit following my imagination after a really long time. It is fun to use ready-to-knit patterns – all you have to do is choose the yarn and start knitting (I’m happy as usually standard sizing fits me). But I wanted to make the process a bit more creative.


This time I decided to do things the right way ( in the past I would just knit and hope things will somehow turn out into something suitable more or less…). First of all – checking the gauge, and not skipping the washing and drying properly part. Then I used a piece of clothing that fits me well, and I like the silhouette. I measured it carefully and drew a sketch with all the measurements. Now comes the fun part, or what i like to call “knitting on the paper”. Using the gauge numbers I calculated the stitches needed for CO, all the Incs and Decs, and the rows, well  – EVERYTHING.


For the armholes and neck I made  a stencil, then with a help of Excel printed a grid matching my gauge and copied the stencils. Now I only had to make those smooth lines into stitches 🙂 Easy, huh? The only mistake I made, was not doing the same thing with the  sleeves… Don’t ask me why, but I decided to follow my heart, eye, or whatever it is on this one… Of course I ended up frogging…. And still those sleeves do not satisfy me completely, but I was afraid the yarn wouldn’t survive one more frogging, as I already was using recycled yarn from my older project. I must admit that following my own homemade pattern turned out rather good, except for the sleeves… But the lesson learned 🙂


You might ask me why I did not make a real size pattern and just check the sizing while knitting, but bothered myself with all those calculations? Well, the answers finally gets back to the gauge, which is really different before and after washing. So trying to measure off-gauge knit to the real size pattern would have given me nothing but one more chance to frog… I must say, that all the completed pieces before washing seemed too long and too narrow, but after giving it a bath everything turned out to  be just the way they had!


So at the ended I sewed all the pieces together, gathered stitches for the neck, knit it, weaved in the ends and – enjoyed!


Now a little bit about the yarn. I frogged my Westbourne, as I have lost weight and it was now way too big for me. Added some left overs from the stash and got myself almost weightless sweater – it’s only 160 g!



(Thank You again, Reda! www.animalsindresses.com)