It’s always a pleasure to knit something for yourself, but it’s even more pleasant to make someone else happy with a hand knitted present! This cowl goes to my friend Reda from www.animalsindresses.com – yes the one I’ve been giving thanks for the photos lately (for these in this post – as well).

Ok, now let’s talk about the project. With such large needles it’s ready to wear in no time! And it is a perfect piece for a last minute gift, or when you feel a sudden urge to give someone a present, or need to save yourself from cold quickly. Those faux cables (there’s no twisting the stitches, you create cabled effect using decreases and increases!) is also a very fun thing to do, and it doesn’t add bulk to already thick knit. By the way, it makes the cowl really reversible, as both sides look just great!


I made a few changes to the original pattern. First of all, I CO 156 st instead of 130 to make it a bit longer, and added an extra pattern repeat to make it wider. Oh, yes – and I used 8 mm needles instead of 10 mm, but it’s always this way with me 😀


  • Pattern: Bear Lake Cowl
  • Yarn: Drops Nepal 50 g / 75 m, yarn held double, knitted up almost 6 skeins, color 0618
  • Needles: 8 mm