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It looks like my sweaters will have to wait until next year to be shown, let’s poke a nose into Santa’s bag. I did not knit a lot for presents, but verything was done from the bottom of the heart.

And here it is – Birdy wristwarmers for my Mom. Up until now I used to knit one pair of wristwarmers a year, but things might change!


First of all, I finally found the perfect needles – KnitPro Karbonz 1 mm. It requires gettinng used to, since it bends in the hand and gives a feeling it might break, but it definetely won’t! But the best thing with these needles is that they DO NOT PERFORATE YOUR FINGERTIPS. Previously I used 1.25 mm metal needles, and because of the really sharp ends, knitting wristwarmers was a quite painful challenge. Looks like this problem is solved now!

Another pleasant discovery – Japanese TOHO sead beads size 11/0. They are amazingly beautiful and the colors… I want them all!!! Looks like I found new love 😀


I used a rather fine yarn for this project – 50 g / 310 m. In fact, it felt like I needed either smaller beads or thicker yarn. But, I didn’t find the right colors among size 15/0 TOHO beads, and, to be honest, courage to use beads that small. And I couldn’t take a thicker yarn, as I have chosen quite a large pattern (CO 74 st, 97 pattern rows) and needed a wristwarmers, not legwarmers… This pair fits a wrist of 17-18 cm circumference. I’m modeling it and it’s a bit too big (my wrist is 15.5 cm).

Inspiration for the pattern came from the cross stitch picture found on the Internet. Spent an evening plunged into Excel and came with my own modified version.

Now I really want a apir for myself, just have to find a more suitable yarn for these beads, and…a smaller pattern !


  • Pattern: download
  • Yarn: Schachenmayr Fine Wool, I used about 35 g.
  • Beads: TOHO  sead beads, size 11/0, I needed a bit more then 3000 of them.
  • Needle: KnitPro Karbonz 1mm


(Again thank You, Reda www.animalsindresses.com)