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I have 2 sweater queued for showing, so this time used  “Tinker, Tailor, Solder, Sailor…” method for choosing which one is worth posting about 🙂


Usually, when i knit following the pattern exactly, there’s more to show then tell, but this time is different.

First of all, I had some “fun time” with swatches, because I was using different yarn than the one suggested in the pattern, and I also needed the result to be slightly smaller than the original. So I spent a couple of days knitting swatches and drying them (repeat many times). When I finally was satisfied and ready to plunge into knitting, I started looking into pattern and ended up reading it through some 5 times and knitting everything up in my mind to get the sense of “what, how, when and why”!


But I must say that despite being a bit more complicated than usually, this pattern is fun and interesting to knit! I’ve tried some new things – like using short rows on cables to make them turn! And I won’t even start with provisional cast-ons and so on… I also washed and dried it several time during knitting, because it looked too small (who knows when that gauge decides to go on its own…). When I finally got to the end and after washing and drying tried it on, I saw that one sleeve was some 10 cm shorter! I thought I was dreaming… But after some time of analyzing I realized I had missed a few increases at the beginning of the sleeve (don’t ask how is it possible to not notice such a thing…), so had to frog it and knit again…

I think the result is really worth all the effort!


By the way, I was using Alize Baby Wool yarn for the first time (sometimes You just can’t resist the sale, even if you’re a natural fiber lover…). It’s hard to say how it will wear, the pullover is still very young 🙂 So far it is not itchy at all, looks good and the knitwear neither grew nor shrank. Oh, yes, I had some trouble shaping it, looks like acrylic (that makes 40% of this yarn) is not as “obedient” as natural wool, but after treating it with some hot steam it finally came to it’s senses 😀 I couldn’t say anything bad about this yarn so far, but natural fibers are way more pleasant to work with! And I also can SEE that synthetic part… But it’s merely my opinion!


All in all – I do like this project!



(photo credit goes to my friend Reda | www.animalsindresses.com )