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Looks like this year Mother Nature thinks that here in Lithuania we don’t need snow for Winter… OK, then let’s make some ourselves!

I must admit, when I decided to crochet snowflakes for decorating my Christmas tree, I was afraid it might look tasteless or old fashioned in a bad way… But I still had to give it a try!

In my opinion, one of the most important things here was choosing the yarn – it head to be really thin, so that the snowflakes would look really neat, jewelry like and delicate. So I took a 0.6 mm crochet hook and crochet size 30 crochet thread (didn’t find any finer in my stash…). You can find patterns googling, pinteresting… And warning – this process REALLY involves!

Another extremely important step is blocking and stiffening the snowflakes. Trust me, they do not look very cool right after crocheting…

I used office glue with a few drops of water for stiffening. The more the glue in the mix, the firmer the snowflakes! And it is very important to make them hold that shape! I pinned them on the foam board with a piece of butter paper underneath, to avoid sticking. Mine had to dry for about 24 hours.

Finally, the last but perhaps the most pleasant part (0.6 mm crochet hook and uncountable pins can be really really painful to your fingertips…) is hanging them on a Christmas tree!

Buy the way, last year my little one made an effort to get acquainted with every Christmas tree decoration in person, there were almost no survivors… So this year I decided not to use any mass production decoration. Instead we had a nice walk in the forest and gathered quite a bunch of pine cone. We dried them and then was the fun part – dying it! You should have seen how happy was my little boy when he could dip those pine cones in a paint and hang them to dry!

Ok, so finally add a few ribbons (I had some wrapping tape and also used natural color linen) and Have Yourself a perfect, child friendly Christmas Tree!


  • Pattern: Goole and Pinterest.
  • Yarn: Sissy 30, 50 g / 500 m, I made 20+ snowflakes and used about a half of the ball.
  • Croshet hook: 0.6 mm


Thank Your Reda (animalsindresses.blogspot.lt) for these amazing photos!