Generally I prefer graphic patterns when it comes to crochet, but If You’re about to use some really old vintage pattern then it is really useful to be able to understand written instructions. You can really bury Yourself with tons and tons of old crochet patterns, and they are usually free!

This “dress” for my pouffe  comes from one these old patterns, dating back to 1919. The original really got my attention (diameter 70 cm):


Original is supposed to be used as a between-meals centerpiece (imagine old times when dining tables were really big…). My initial idea was also table-related, but after finishing (diameter about 100 cm) I realized it wouldn’t lay down  flat… The outer edge must have come too small in perimeter, maybe there are not enough motives, or maybe the problem comes from the different weight of the yarn used… Or maybe – there’s a mistake in the pattern…?


But – there’s always a bright side to everything! It did not become a doily, but it really found itself in being a wonderful cover for my pouffe, which now likes to be placed somewhere visible and show-off 😀




(photo credit goes to my friend Reda | www.animalsindresses.com )