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It is not a secret that my knits are quite often borrowed by the men of my family, especially the little one. I can’t say no, when comes and says that he likes my hat trying to put it on (I don’t really know how to translate his cute language into English 😀 ). And this project got attention from both of them – those cowls must really be a comfy thing, huh? And that clever construction with prolonged front – you can keep you coat a bit open, yet not cross the line when flirting with autumn winds. Short version – it is awesome, could be tree instead of just one!

I used my stash for this project. It is one of those that you grab when get tired from other endless projects, eg. male pullover in plain stockinette in dark thin yarn… So this cowl knits up really fast, especially if you add a pinch of Noro to You yarn mix – it keeps you knitting “just one more row” to see how the colors change and how they are affected by the short rows.

That’ll be it this time, some more to come!



(I send thank You  for the beautiful photos to my friend Reda |www.animalsindresses.com )