1aLet’s continue with children knits caused by the kindergarten. Today – fingerless mitts. An amazing and must-have part of every toddler’s outfit! My sun spends a lot of time outdoors in the kindergarten and the staff suggested fingerless mitts for this time of the year. Palms are kept warm, and little fingers are free to explore the world! And it’s also great during wet weather and on rainy days – I put thin waterproof mitts on the fingerless ones, and the hands are kept warm and dry, yet the fingers have more freedom than they would stuffed in those thick warm mitts..


  • Pattern: Camp Out Fingerless Mitts (free pattern on Ravelry)
  • Yarn: Drops Alpaca, held double. Blue/green pair took about 30 grams, the other – a bit more, but I forgot to weigh…
  • Needle: 2.5 mm


(I send thank You  for the beautiful photos to my friend Reda | www.animalsindresses.com )