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Or simply a Happypotamus, but my kid always gives such a funny names, so at home we call this creature Mr. Botis.

This was a really spontaneous project, when I got tired of calculations (I decided to teach myself to knit set in sleeves without any pattern…) and endless st st. So as it usually happens in such cases, I grabbed a crochet hook and “went for a vacation” with an interesting crochet project. And the yarn is from my stash!


Mr. Botis is kind of reincarnation of my old baby carrying bag. Yeah, I sometimes frog my old projects that were made with love and using a good yarn and turn them into something new.

I must tell that Mr. Botis is somewhat 1000 times easier to make than it might look! Especially if your are joining the motives as you go – with last motive done there’s a brand new FO in front of you! Otherwise, it might be quite sometime before I comvince myself to get to the motive sewing part…


I used “insides” of an old pillow for the stuffing, which was really convenient. But, as Mr. Botis is stuffed rather firmly this stuffing of mine tries to get through the “holes”. Perhaps with a special stuffing for toys one would avoid this problem…

By the way, not only my kid likes this new toy, but it also looks really good as interior detail in a book shelf 😉