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You know what? I think I like Autumn! With it’s golden colors and warm wool coming up from the bottom of the boxes after a long summer sleep. Even that rigorous weather  doesn’t look that bad when colored in soft skeins of yarn! After all, there’s no such thing as bad weather, just inadequate clothing. And this post is just about it – the perfect piece of clothing for Autumns (and Winter of course) A HAT.


It was a love at first sight. I rushed online to look for the yarn almost the same moment I saw this pattern. i decided to try Icelandic wool Lettlopi, and some Donegal tweed that kept me curious for a while. The pattern doesn’t require much of the talking: it’s free and its really easy. It took me 2 days to finish it having to look after energetic 2 year old sum at the same time. Otherwise, I would have completed it in 1 day.

So let’s talk about the yarn. I am really sensitive to those scratchy wools. But also I love the way they look. It seems that the scratchier – the more beautiful and rich color it has. And that’s the case with Lettlopi . Of course, it softened a bit after washing, but not enough to be worn bearskin.  I rally envy people who seems to have no nerves in their skin and are able to were such things directly to it… Well, but my head is protected by the hair, so it won’t eat me up 😀 And as You probably already understood – the sheeps and the starry sky is made comes from Iceland. And the green green grass is made in Donegal. Not scratchy at all – it’s merino wool. Not that soft as let’s say Drops Merino Extra Fine, but I’m not afraid of it 🙂 After washing this green green grass of tweed grew as all the merino wool does, but nothing tragic, the hat still sits on my head steady. I liked this tweed, the thickness of the strand varies and it gives a bit rustic look to the finished piece. And I really love it!


Guess what the beast part is – mu Hubby also seems to want such a hat, let alone my little one 🙂