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Yes, it Turns out one can crochet a whole blouse with set in sleeves simply by accident 😀

I had a few balls of linen/silk blend yarn in my stash and it was starting to seriously irritate me by just being there and doing nothing. So I plunged into Ravelry to look for a “solution for my problem”. I wanted something absolutely new, something I hadn’t done before and didn’t care a bit that the result might be useless.


As the pattern is free from Ravelry, there’s not much to tell about it, as I was following it literally. After finishing back and front I was about to put it away, because to me it looked like something only a granny could wear. BUT, my hubby convinced me to do the sleeves. And he was absolutely right! Right now this blouse is among my favorites for summer weather 🙂


Oh, yes – this one also got a treat in a tumble dryer, because initially it came out too long. But having in mind I didn’t swatch for the gauge, and my yarn weight and hook were different from those in the pattern, I guess “too long” is not that bad. After tumble-drying it got shorter and now fits perfectly 🙂

And that’s it for summer projects. I’ve already started some wool projects and can hear  my fingers singing happy songs 😀