I have finished this dress a while ago, but it took quite some time to find a proper underdress. 

Does it ever happen to You that something gets into the mind and You just can’t get rid of it? That was the case with this dress I saw on the Internet. I did not buy the pattern, instead I researched the Internet looking for relevant info from people who already had done it. You really can crochet it from the picture, no pattern needed (every one of us has a really different bodies and this dress is so close fitted that I don’t think any pattern would say how many stitches and rows I needed).

Should You decide to try making it – get ready for a long process. I’ve recrocheted it almost  times until I got the desired result! I had to frog top twice and skirt once… But it was worth it 🙂

A few WIP pictures:

When the dress was finished I realized I should have done 10 pattern repeats less at the very begining (the shoulder straps came out too long), but I managed to fix it with a needle and thread 🙂 I really did not feel like remaking the whole dress…


It is made in 4-ply pure linen, and the color is, well… some people see violet and some – warm shade of blue… 🙂



The top of the dress is crocheted with 1.25 mm hook and rather tight, to make it firm and avoid transparency as much as possible. The skirt is done using hook 1.25 mm, 1.5 mm and 1.75 mm, to make it wider at the bottom. Combining increases and larger hook made the skirt rather drapery. I gave it a lot hot steam and stretching while crocheting, and left it hanging for about a week after washing to make it grow to the length as much as it wanted. In result – it didn’t grow a bit when i finally started wearing it!