3Hurray! The weather is just what it is supposed to be at summer (at least for now), so took the chance and photogaphed another linen FO. I’m in love with this deep blue color, which takes my mind off to the see, white sand and tropical fishes…

6And again, I was knitting linen on circulars, but thanks to the lace pattern it does not twist like Mr. Shapeless… But there’s one more thing that happens almost always with linen for me – it groooooows. Despite of all the swatches, the final garment usually turns out to be way longer than my calculations predicted and after wearing it grows even more… let’s say this blue sweater was already some 10 cm longer than what You see now after washing and treating it with hot steam, and after wearing it wasn’t far from a mini dress… BUT (and I do not suggest You trying this at home!) I found a solution. Instead of hand washing, I put it into a washing machine and after that (the horrible part) – into tumble dryer. It turns out perfect 🙂

11aA few words about knitting. I tried a wooden cubics for this knit, and liked it even more than carbonz. The knit was looong, going endless rounds, so I kept finding something else to do. But finally the only thing left was to seem shoulder and hope that I’l have a chance to wear it this Summer.

By the way, linen fabric after tumble drying becomes extremely soft and drapery. Yet, do not try this at home, and if You do – I’m not to blame 🙂