Hi, everyone! It’s been a long since my last post. I keep knitting/ crocheting, but when it comes to taking photos of finished projects… well, theres’s either no time or good weather, or the mood… But step by step I will make it up to You. So lets’ start with Mr.Shapeless.

I called it this way because it really lookS like some kind of jelly fish. It is made of pure linen, which has no “memory” and garments tend to “liquefy” with wearing. But still I like it – linen is wonderful yarn for summer!

This project was kind of learning material – I’ve tried contiguous sleeves method for the first time, and also wanted to see how the linen behaves when knitted up in stockinette on circulars.


I really loved the sleeves, I think I need to try this method with some more “stable” yarn. And well linen and stockinette on circulars aren’t that good friends. The fabric really twists… I hope it’s only with stockinette because I have one more almost finished project, also in pure linen, but this time – lace. Fingers crossed!

All in all I’m not that disappointed with the twisting, it’s not some very-important-dress, but just a cozy oversized sweater for summer evening.


I modified the pattern a bit, because I wasn’t sure weather the sleeves would stretch, so I added buttons. To be honest, I only wear it buttoned – looks better for me. And did i-cord bind off instead of just binding off stockinette or adding garter stitch as suggested. I like it more this way.


This is it for now 🙂