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When in need of something beautiful, useful and, preferably, not time consuming it is best to grab a crochet hook and make something for Your home. I recommend crocheting not only because it is more suitable for small things, but it also goes well in a combination “mommy’s crocheting, while her little boys is sitting on her laps reading  a book”  🙂


First came this white beauty. I needed something small and cute to put under my flower.  But as we all know – miracles sometimes happens. Despite the fact that I made it in a finer yarn and a smaller hook than suggested in a pattern, it still came out even bigger! And also it didn’t feel right to put something taht white under a flower, You know – watering, dirt…

So – still in need for that little cute doily.


Then came this little beige-ish snowflake. Far smaller and because of the color – more suitable for the inteded purpose!

Both doilies are crocheted in Anchor Freccia no. 16 yarn. The yarn has some subtle shine and a really strong twist. It was always twisting around itself while crocheting… i wouldn’t use this yarn for clothing as it lacks softness to my taste, but it is grate for such home accessories and holds blocking perfectly. That beige-ish doily even looks like it has been stiffenend with a starch!


  • Pattern:  local magazine “Rankdarbių kraitelė” (rough transaltions – craft basket)
  • Yarn: Anchor Freccia no. 16
  • Crochet hook: 1mm
  • Size: diameter – white 34 cm, beige-ish 27 cm