OMG, thouse Holstgarn Samarkand can officialy be called a never ending yarn! I bought 6 balls of white and 1 ball each: green, yellow, red and blue. So far I’ve made a sweater, hat & cowl and this little shawl I’m showing now. Yet I have 130 grams left!

This little shawl is a reak challenge to your patience, as every color change means breaking yarn and multiplying loose ends exponentially. You can try and count how many of them I had to weave in. On the bright side, now any weaving in goes like a breeze!

Due to that challenge now both sides of the shawl look pretty!

Left - wrong side, right - right side

Left – wrong side, right – right side

It’s small and perfect for this almostspring  weather! And the the srings with a little balls at the end are well appreciated by my Little Prince.


I guess that’s it with Holstgarn Samarkand for now.


  • Pattern: from the  world wide web
  • Yarn:  Holstgarn Samarkand, shawl weights 56 g. (after cutting all the loose ends)
  • Crochet hook: 2 mm
  • Size: width – 77 cm (without strings), height- 36 cm[/su_note]