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Continuing on Holst Garn Samarkand theme as promised 🙂 This time – a set of a hat and a cowl in fair-isle using bits and pieces from my previously blogged sweater.

And it looks that the minute I finished it the Spring decided it’s time to come back!

Sometimes I feel like knitting something without a pattern (which you still have to adapt more or less to yourself…), but straight from my head. I knew I wanted something with fair-isle, but not with snowflakes, or reindeer, etc. So I did some surfing on the net and put together my own fair-isle pattern from traditional Lithuanian patterns (click here if You’d like to try it). And the coloring also resembles the Flag of my beautiful country.

I knitted this cowl on 2.5 mm 50 cm circulars, CO 144 st (3 pattern repeats). The circumference of the “tube” is about 40 cm and the length – about 60 cm. When I reached the desired length, BO all the stitches and grafted both ends together.

After the neck was cared for, it was time for  a hat. After some measuring, I decided to do 4 pattern repeats, so CO 192 st for about 58 cm head circumference.

I did the k2 x p2 double ribbing, which means I did it twice of the desired length folded it together and joined with the help of a crochet hook.

.By the way, after it was washed and worn for a few days, I came to realize that I should have done that ribbing with some 16 st less, and then increased evenly before starting the pattern. It became a bit too loose after wearing, so now I would be glad to do some brain picking on the solutions that DO NOT include frogging 😀 Anyone?

After finishing the fair-isle of the hat, I knitted even with white yarn a bit, and then started decreasing 16 st every second/third row. It depends, on how You like your hat’s top to look 🙂

Finally I made a  pom-pom (the old fashioned way…)

Put as much yarn on those circles as You can, at the end I pull the yarn through the hole using a small crochet hook. And do not forget to give it a proper “haircut” at the end.

Attach the pom-pom to the hat and enjoy!

The wrong side for those curious ones:

Nearly forgot – I let my cowl and hat soak a bit in a cold water with some wool shampoo, and (sometimes I am  insanely impatient) tumble dried it using a special wool program and a basket, which prevents the garment from being tossed around inside the machine. So far – no damage noticed 🙂 But be careful while trying it at home 😀

Have a nice knit and see You soon!