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Some knits are just crazy 😀 And not only because they were supposed to be a dress, and turned out to be a pullover. Let alone the fact that somebody has bought yarn for the dress with some extra, just in case… 🙂

But who says it’s bad? I had some yarn left for a fair isle cowl and a matching hat is ready to jump onto the needles (story about these two – next time).

This striped funny is knit in Holst Garn Samarkand. I like those little roles soooo much, it is so easy to center-pull the yarn, and the colors are such a delight!

Lately, I’m being surprised by the wool. I thought I always belonged to those sensitive ones that would say even merino wool can be itchy 😀 And I would always wear a few layers of long sleeved cotton t-shirt to “protect” myself from that itchiness…

So, when I touched those rolls of Samarkand I wasn’t sure how I was going to wear it :/ It turned out – all the worries were wrong. The yarn really changed after washing, it became much more soft and airy. Make no mistake, it didn’t suddenly become a blend of merino wool and silk, but now it was obviously wearable. And guess what – I even can were it on a short sleeved tee!!! Weee!!! I would even try it on bear skin, but …. it is a bit too transparent :/


How did that happen? Well, I did check the gauge properly, but when I started knitting my fingers must have played some tension trick on me… You might say it happened because, I swatched on straight needles and was knitting on circulars, but my tension usually does not depend on that. After all, the sleeves of this sweater are made on straights (I really really really didn’t want to work neither with DPNs nor with circulasc and magic loops…) and the body is worked with circulars, and the tension is the same. I guess 3 mm needles are simply too large for this yarn…

From now on I’m using 2.5 mm needles. At least until my fingers decides to play some tension tricks again 😀

Oh, and almost forgot, the sweater is Westbourne [Kinu love].

Now off to making a hat, because my Noro popcorn is getting a bit too light for this winter 🙂

p.s. I will definitely be using Samarkand again!