About a year and a half ago I started making multicolored (ok ok, two colored 🙂 ) beaded wrist warmers. As it often happens, this project joined the unfinished ones…

Today, going around my home I suddenly remembered I had this single beauty hidden somewhere. Found it, examined and it became clear that it wasn’t going to have a friend…

First of all, I couldn’t identify where I had stopped stringing the beads onto the yarn, so it meant I would have to redo it.. And it must be nearly a thousand beads for one wrist warmer. Well, ok – not the biggest of issues. It also felt a bit too tight on the wrist. Yet again, who of us doesn’t have that mysterious corner in the wardrobe for those “I’ll fit in it again” secrets? The biggest obstacle I have no way overcoming is TIME, that have passed… There is no way I could make another one of the same size after such a long pause. I noticed, that in order to have wrist warmers of the same size I have to be making them simultaneously, otherwise my gauge gets lost…

But one simply cannot let such a beauty go to waste!

What a luck – my DPNs needed a new and cozy home 🙂 And I also had a glass of the right size – lucky again! 🙂 I feel like an idea of making more of these cozies is gently getting into my head 😀 My knitting equipment then would have a really luxurious storage space 🙂

And some “scary” statistics for the end:

Needles – 1.25 mm (I literally had holes on my fingertips while making it… )

Yarn – very soft baby alpaca, 50 g – 375 m, held double.

Bead pattern – adapted from here.

And that is my pleasant discovery of the day!