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These are the first things that pop into my head when thinking about my new hoodie 🙂

Well ok ok, it’s last year’s FO, but showing it just now 🙂

I wanted this Deep V Hoodie for a long time, but couldn’t find the right yarn. The problem was solved when the new Drops Air arrived!


The name of the yarn is nothing but true! It is sooo weightless and soft, I can wear it on bear skin! Oh, and the warmth is incredible 🙂

Of course, like all fuzzy yarn it develops those small bubbles on (don’t know exactly how it is called in English), but picked them off once, and so far everything seems to be in tact.

I used smaller needles than recommended – 4.5 mm. And it was a good decision as the hoodie stretched after washing (yes yes, I didn’t make any swatches beforehand…). But if I were to make something of an overized type, I’d choose large needles – the fabric would be very soft and drapery!

I have some yarn left from this project, that will definitely be turned  into some cozy and warm winter accessory:) But at the moment I’m working with some leftovers from another FO, You haven’t seen yet 🙂

Have nice and sunny day!

p.s. that keyboard of mine is pain in the a***sss….