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Finished some time ago, but only now ready for preview – Nova Cardigan. Some curious stuff happened with this piece of softness… 🙂

In my stash I had a huuuuuge bag of Grignasco Melting (You know how it happens with sales, oh – and the blend of 35% rayon, 35% cotton, 20% angora and 10% cashmere…). Sooner or later in every yarn’s life comes a day when it is time to quit gathering dust and become something useful 🙂

So I started looking through (or should I say swiping through these days? 😀 ) my magazine collection, and came across Nova Cardigan (Interweave Knits, Summer 2013). The original called for linen, but I thought me melting softness would do just perfect.

Knitting was smooth and fast. It is hard to tell how soft, smooth and weightless this yarn is in the hands…

BUT, all the fun started after washing… To be honest – I did make a swatch beforehand. As it turned out – it was way too small to reveal how this yarn would behave after it had encountered some water… Let’s keep it simple – before washing it was my size (I made smallest), and after  – well, too big 🙂

Perhaps I shouldn’t blame the yarn only, I might have knitted a bit too loose. I would definitely choose a smaller needle next time. I received a piece of advice (sadly, a bit too late this time), that in order to get a better impression of how the yarn behaves after washing, one should let it dry hung, so that it gets to stretch. Should use it some time.

Yet this story has a happy ending – my Mom really liked this cardigan and it fitted her perfectly. Unexpected present 😉 Hurray!

p.s. I LOVED making those seamless set-in like sleeves!