Here comes my last project of this summer – Convergence top

Once I’ve told You, that in my opinion crochet is better for making accessories rather than clothing. Well, sometimes a girl simply changes her mind 🙂 This piece was on my mind for quite some time. I was really intrigued by those short rows and even considered ordering Noro Taiyo Sock for this project. But, as it sometimes happens, this idea continued to hibernate 🙂

Meanwhile, another part of me was considering to try this new yarn – Tahiti. I even purchased 5 balls of this wonderful green-blue color. Initially I was about to cast on this project. Wasn’t afraid to adapt the hole pattern to this yarn. BUT…. This yarn and needles just didn’t do, at least not in stockinette… 3 mm needles were to big – the fabric was too loose…  2.5 mm – ok, but I just couldn’t get my stitches even, and usually I do not have problem of such kind… So finally irritated I frogged all swatches and half of the front…

But there’s always a bright sight! I decided this yarn would go perfectly with Convergence top 🙂 Of course, I had to do some magic math to get the right size, as the yarn and my gauge didn’t meet those specified in the pattern. And (I am proud of it) – I managed to match the colors of front and back! It’s great, but is yarn consuming. The whole top required 4 balls, but in order to match colors I had to get into the 5th… I think it was worth it 🙂

Not only I matched front and back, but short rows as well 🙂

Finished it at the very end of the summer, luckily the weather is still suitable for wearing it! 🙂