I’ve already told You about Stonwashed yarn. I liked it, so here’s another finished project – Sporty Cardigan.

Well, to be honest it was finished way back, but at that moment we had sort of tropical summer here, so it was safely waiting for its time to come.

And it did.. sigh… But on the other hand, due to this unwelcome change of weather I can be sure that me Little Prince wears his cardigan before it is too small 🙂 It is perfect for this weather, when You don’t know, whether it is warm or cold. When one wants to get into something warm, but it is definitely too early for wool.

The funny thing with this project – I noticed the hood  is tooooo small only after all the ends were weaved in… No, I didn’t reknit it (lazy me?) – it works perfectly as a decorative hood, not too big or chunky, just nice 🙂 And the owner of the cardi seems to like it, except the part were he has to stand still, while I’m buttoning it up. He then looks at me having something like this in his eyes: “Mom, do you REALLY need that much of the buttons? I’m a busy person – don’t You the cones are lying all around?!”

So You see, my Little prince is so busy, he doesn’t even have a time to pose…