One day I accidentally stumbled upon this yarn. While I was considering whether I need it or not (OK, to be honest – I was simply trying to make enough excuses to buy mooooore yarn) one skein miraculously droped into my hands and straight onto the needles 😀

And there it began…

I definitely needed to give this yarn a try. But I honestly hate making swatches and stuff like that – waste of time and yarn 😀 I needed to make something useful.

I found this pattern in an old knitting pattern book, that was a present from my granny some many many years ago. I really liked it – looks like a wicker basket. All the skein was done in this pattern with 3.5 mm needles. And then went into water and got some treatment 🙂

I’m not sure if this yarn really needs such blocking, but I tend to do it with all my knits.. Just in case 🙂

It turned out to be a really soft and drapery fabric. One skein was enough for (roughly) 50×20 cm size piece. Now it had to turn into something wearable 🙂

Added 4 green buttons and some gray merino wool – voilà – perfect cowl for summer evenings 🙂

The fabric is extremely soft and drapery! It felt a bit like soft wool while knitting, tough it’s a blend of cotton and acrylic. No no – you won’t here that acrylic crunch while knitting. It only makes the yarn to feel like wool, and have that wonderful drapery of cotton!

So here it is – my new cowl 🙂

Or like this:

p.s. Yes, I will buy this yarn 🙂