Lately I’ve been drawn to crocheting instead of knitting. Looks like hook is better for summer look 😀 Though (at least to my taste which isn’t an object for discussion), I haven’t seen much of nice and tasteful crocheted clothing, especially for adults. I think crocheting is better for making various kinds of accessories.

Speaking of which – I bring You my latest finished project – Lantana Scarf. Colorful summer accessory made of Lithuanian linen.


Yes yes, the original pattern calls for mohair, but this yarn in summer.. Nop, not for me 🙂


Colorful dance of squares and X makes You feel like summer’s about to stay for ever 🙂 Oh, and those tassels at the ends. My Little Prince really finds them amusing, so now they look… well, let’s say amused 😀

4Wrap it around Your neck a few times and go celebrate the summer!