Knitting beaded wrist warmers is really challenging and (at least in my case) painful thing. It does not belong to those projects which you can do as a form of relaxation in the evening, with one eye on your knitting, the other – looking after the little one and participating in a small talk all at the same time. But when your mother mentions how much she likes this accessory and how much she would love to own a pair.. Well, is there anything you wouldn’t do for your Mother? 🙂 This pair  is a bit late birthday present. It is extremely hard to predict how much time one needs for such project, especially when the main variable has just started crawling and figured that poking your nose everywhere is the most interesting thing in the world 😀 This year the winter is over, but I’m sure that these wrist warmers from alpaca wool will be extremely warm accessory next season! I really love how little beads sink into the cloud of the fuzzy alpaca wool. This pair took over 2000 Preciosa beads, size 10. So this is my first and last pair of wrist warmers this season. Should you see how my finger tip looks after a few weeks of battling with the tip of the 1.5 mm needle, you would agree that one pair per season is absolutely enough 😀 By the way, it was a brilliant idea to knit both wrist warmers at once on a circular needle!

p.s. The bead motive came to my mind one evening and repeated 11 times is good for 17-18 cm wrist (needles 1.5 mm, knitting rally tight, yarn weight 50 g. – 187 m.)