I feel a sudden urge to crochet a doily once in a while 🙂 

Then I get into the crochet yarn stash inherited from my grand-grand-mother, browse the internet / craft magazines looking for an interesting doily to crochet and spend a few evening relaxing with a crochet hook.

This doily was made a while ago. I crocheted it and, well… left it lying around. To be honest, I’m usually more excited about crocheting this kind of things, than making it useful 😀 So this one was gathering dust somewhere in the corner – neither washed  nor blocked – until recently when a few days ago I found it and decided to give it a try.

I stretched it on the blocking wires and left to fry for a couple of days (I do not stiffen doilies…). Hung on the wall in order to take pictures and now I sort of feel an idea rising of how this kind of craft might be used 🙂