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It’s been ages since I’ve knit myself a hat. The old one this winter started to disappoint me – my ears or forehead constantly got cold and the hat seemed to be eager to slip off. I took it as a sign it’s time to let it go 🙂 So not waisting any minute I got into my yarncase looking for the right yarn to make a new hat.

There I found a chocolate brown Drops Merino Extra Fine and wonderfully blue  Grignasco Champagne. Next I needed a pattern. I didn’t feel like following anyone’s instructions, so decided to have a look at my old pattern book, which was a present from my grandma. And here I found this perfect leaf pattern, which instantly converted from one color pattern to a choco-bluberry collision 😀

For the brim I chose two color ribbing 2×2:

And after a few evenings i had myself a new and very important winter accessory!


If You like it and feel like making something similar, here’s how it works. It really simple:

  • CO a needed number of stitches (depending on your yarn, gauge and head circumference). Number of stitches should be multiple of 4, as the brim is done in 2×2 ribbing:

  • When ribbing is done, make 2 garter ridges ([knit 1 row, purl 1 row] twice). At the same time adjust the number of stitches (inc or dec) so that it is multiple of 6 (I increased to 120 st). First row of the pattern (not numbered) – set up row

Chart Legend

Purl (when knitting in rounds, always purl, if knitting back and forward, p on right side, and k on wrong side)
Knit (when knitting in rounds, always knit, if knitting back and forward, k on right side, and p on wrong side)
Make 5 st into one (example)
Knit 5 st
Knit 5 tog through the back loop
  • When You’re ready to start decreasing, start with purling together blue st. Depending on how fast you want to dec, p2tog all blue st at once, or gradually. When your’re done with blue st, time to “cut” leaves. After knitting 5 st tbl, do not make a new leaf, and that’s how you gradually “cut out” all the leaves. Now you have every second st in blue and every second st in brown. If needed, continue in two colored ribbing 1×1. Finnaly cut the yarn and pull through the remaining stitches.

A closer look to the dec part: