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I’ve already told you about “daddy’s” pullover and how it got its name. Alas, it lost an unequal battle with the washing monster  machine. It happens more often than one could expect or want, that a little knitted garment manages to somehow mix into the laundry and get into the washing machine. Of course, the washing program was nowhere near wool-friendly… The only relief is that it was already becoming too small… So right before Christmas my Little Prince  found himself in need of new gala clothes 😀

I still had hopes that Christmas would be white (and cold), so decided to get ready for it with alpaca yarn and festive colors. I wasn’t afraid for the yarn to be itchy as we’ve been wearing a hat from the same Drops Alpaca, and my little one doesn’t seem to be bothered by it. And there’s definitely no need to be worried about little head getting cold, in fact you have to be careful not to let it overheat… 🙂

I didn’t look far for the model of the new pullover. I really liked the construction of daddy’s pullover, so once again I based my knitting on Boatneck Pullover pattern, added some colors and got myself a really colorful knitwear!

And yes – we managed to wear it a bit before I took some photos. One thing I like most about this sweater is the twisted stitch 1×1 ribbing.

It still serves as and edge, but do not pull the knitting like other ribbings do. Oh, and it’s unbelievable how warm this pullover is!!! And it goes just perfect with red velveteen trousers and ladybird booties 🙂 It’s a pitty it is already getting small. Still fits in lengh and width, but the sleeves “sharnk” from full-leght to 3/4 😀

Let’s pretend it was the idea from the beginning 😀