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White winter finally found its way to Lithuania (alas, it didn’t get here in time for Christmas) and the only way to see a peacock is if you’re dreaming about a vacation on some tropical island 🙂 And the scarfs we use nowadays are as thick’n’warm as you can get knit. But  I simply couldn’t resist the temptation to knit this one

To tell you the truth, I’d like to put on my needles nearly every other piece in the Vogue Knitting Early Fall 2013. That’s practically what happend with the accessories – done 4 out of 6. Three pieces were for gifts, and finally the fourth – handsome peacock – for me! In fact, this peacock scarf was my first choice for knitting, but upcoming holidays made some correction in the knitting order 🙂

I used one skein each – Drops Merino Extra Fine and Drops Karisma Superwash. Yeallow and Purple embroidery was done with DMC embroidery floss, and the black contour with some crochet yarn, inherited from my grand-grand mother.

It was a rather quick and easy project, though somewhere in the middle I was about to give it up. The tails weren’t there yet, and the peacock without the embroidery reminded not an elegant bird but some green blurred stain… But, then I started embroidery – the mood raised up very quickly.

If you plan on making one, I suggest doing some provisional cast on and then grafting the sides of the scarf. I did as the pattern calls – sewn together the sides, it doesn’t bother me, but grafted version would look more neat 🙂 AND, do the embroidery BEFORE grafting / sewing 😀 Trust me, it is rather tricky doing it after 😀 Tried myself…

Och, I’m already waiting for the spring to come, when you can were scarfs not for warmth, but for the look 🙂