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Finally white winter is here, so it’s high time to put something really warm on those little feet 🙂 I’ve already told you, that I am definitely not a sock knitting fan, so while my little Prince still hasn’t learned how to walk, I feel no guilt for knitting small booties on 2 needles and sewing it 🙂

I found these really simple and very quick to knit booties. A few modifications and here it is – 2 pairs of warm feet 🙂

One pair goes to my little Prince:

I mixed 3 yarns for these: Rowan KidSilk haze, Drops Alpaca and some sort of merino wool. It came out overwhelmingly warm!

I used only 2 strand of yarn for the ankle to make it more tight, but, as you can guess, it makes no difficulties for those little arms to grab it and pleasantly through it away  😀

Another pair went to our little Lady friend.

I took some violet Drops Baby Alpaca silk and white Lithuanian wool for warmth. Again, tried to make it more kick-off resistant by knitting the ankle only with 2 strands of alpaca and smaller needles, but…. There’s no way you can stop those naughties 😀

Next on display – Noro booties. I still have a small amount of Noro Arale left from the gift to my mom. Not enough to make something big, but still can’t let it go to waste 🙂 So this time, combined it with matching color of Drop Merino Extra Fine:

The main idea of construction of these booties is the same as of those above, but I added long bootlaces. Still trying to make it kick-off resistant…. Well, and this time unsuccessfully 😀 But, if only you could see what a perfect toy these bootlaces has become. They are so fun to untie, and even more fun to taste, oh – and while tasting you can swing your other leg by pulling the bootlacec!  Almost a theme park 😀

And finally – go-to-meeting Lady bird booties 🙂

These are of my own design. Took some warm Sirri for the foot sole, and the rest of the booties is made from Drops Alpaca. These were made to suite a pullover (I still need to take photos of it, but promise – soon 🙂 ). I find it very nice, though unlikely to stay on for a long 😀 Just enough to show-off and then kick-off 🙂

That’s it about the booties for this time, but those little feet are growing really quickly… 🙂