First of all – Happy New Year to Everyone! I wish You dazzling creativity and plenty of time to work on your ideas & projects.

Speaking of me – I started this year by going through my yarn stash 🙂

I had this idea to try and bring some order into my YarnieLand for quite some time. But it wasn’t until this Christmas when it finally came to me that at my parents’ home I had a perfect thing for this matter – a vintage case (trunk?). It belonged to my grandpa and has seen oh so many things – from polar nights to my wedding 😀 Quite a life experience, huh?

Up until yesterday late night my yarn used to live anywhere. Some spent their days in a carton box, some in a plastic bags, some where hiding here and there… Tangled chaos :/ So  yesterday I brought it all into one place and had a look at what I have. I think it looks nice, though (in my opinion) not that big for a stash… However, my husby looked at it and (with a hope in his voice) said: “Oh, this much yarn should be enough for the rest of the year!” No need to explain why it made me laugh 😀

So this colorful gang rolled into the case I told You about:

Closing it was a challenge 😀

Can’t wait to see how the contents of this yarn case will look at the end of the year!