It’s always a pleasure to write about projects that I loved making, and am happy with the result. Alas, not all of them belong to this category…

For example, this scarf nearly drove me and my needles crazy…

And I’m not sure what to blame for it – the yarn (Katia Air Lux), the pattern (Kernel Scarf), or perhaps combination of the two.

A while ago, when Christmas presents were still in the planning stage, I decided to make a few neck accessories. Then I saw an advertisement of the new yarn in one of my LYS’s websites. I’m soooooo happy now, that at that time they didn’t have enough balls of the needed color, so I only grabbed one ball for trying.

Still, I can’t say what is really wrong with this yarn – it’s soft, smooth, knits easily, maybe a bit difficult to sea the pattern due to the fuzziness, but not that bad. I guess the real problem is with colors – they are so not mine. I guess I have to wait maaaaaaaaaany many years before being grown up enough for this yarn…

So this pure ball of yarn kept bothering me until I decided to get rid of it to knit it into something useful. I came across Kernel Scarf – looks cute, for free, will do. The pattern was easy, only not that easy to memorize. At least it took much more time than usually, or maybe it’s the yarn….?

One ball was enough (50 g – 300 m), though I did less repeats than pattern suggests. It blocks perfectly. So now I have a scarf which I have no idea what to do with… Orphan scarf… I think next time it would be wise to give away the yarn I don’t love to somebody, who might like it and make something with it with love.

Ok, enough complaining, heads and needle up – Christmas is coming!!!