Until recently I was knitting and never came to think that something could  be wrong. Then I began to encounter cables, increases and decreases more and more often. And then I realized that there was something strange about my knit stitches. If I did a simple k2tog my stitches would lean left instead of right…

That’s how (on the left) knit st are supposed to look like on the needle, and that is what I have (on the right)

The only way I could get my st to look like in the  picture on the left was knitting round –  only knit, and no purl. So it had to do something with that little naughty purl stitches. After a small research I learned that in fact there are 5 different ways to purl:

  1. Continental
  2. English
  3. Combined
  4. Norwegian
  5. Knitting back

So it seems that I am making my purl stitches the complicated combined way… To be honest, I tried those other methods and mine seems to be the easiest one 🙂

The only tricky thing about this method is that your stitches are orientated differently (mystery solved purled), so one needs to be very careful when doing Incs and Decs, etc.

After trying once more the continental method (this one is the most common, isn’t it?) I decided to stick with my complicated combined simple one 🙂

How do you purl?