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I didn’t have or made any baktus until very recently. In fact, I only found out such thing existed after having read about it in LYS “Mezgimo zona” blog.

So, one day I was going through my yarn box (continuously forget to bring home a vintage case, which belonged to my grandpa. I’m pretty sure my yarns would feel much better in it, than in a shabby carton box… 😀 ). So where was I? Oh, yes, going through my yarn box, where I found some chunky yarn Candy, left from a dress made ages ago.

Decided that it’s high time for this yarn to leave home and become something in this life – baktus it is! Pattern didn’t specify the exact yarn weight, so my chunky ones will do just fine:) Weighed all the yarn I had (finally realized what kitchen scales are really meant for 😀 ) and got started.

The knitting went on sonic speed, weaved in yarn ends on my way to hometown Palanga and was spruced up prepared to meet freezing friendly winds of the sea 🙂

BUT, fighting winds isn’t what baktus is really for. I think that it is a really wonderful project for stash busting trying out new yarns. It’s small enough so one doesn’t need to buy too much of unknown yarn, but big enough to reveal the qualities of the yarn, see color changes and most important to test weather it is itchy or not 🙂

Three baktuses have already settled in my wardrobe and I heard them whispering they wouldn’t mind a new friend 🙂