It had to be a pillowcase


But after washing and blocking turned out to be a doily! It was too big…

I’ve crocheted it last summer, but it had to wait for the T-pins to until now. I had found this pattern somewhere on the World Wide Web, but didn’t save it… Tried Browsing for it, but no luck, so if anyone of You stumbles upon it anywhere, please, give me a notice. I really need such a pillowcase. Of the appropriate size… If my memories are correct the Yarn used for this pillow-doily was the leftovers of Fresco lino and lithuanian linen (a bit more beige on the edges).

That’s it for today!

Visual tribute:




I’ll be brief again (it’s really late at night…) – birthday present for the best Mom in the world!

  • Pattern: Semele by Åsa Tricosa. It took me some 3 times to finally start it, but once I finally got it, it went like a breeze. What I like most about this pattern is that you can adjust both the height and the length of the shawl to your taste. Mine came out like a fancy baktus :D
  • Yarn: Grignasco Knits Melting
  • Needle: 3 mm carbonz

That’s it for tonight. I promise to bring you something really interesting for the next time!



Gathering Stripes


, ,

New piece to add to the wardrobe of my little prince :)

To be fair, the sun today is so high and shines so bright, that I will be really brief and get off to enjoy the beginning of the Spring:

  • Pattern: Gathering stripes by Veera Välimäki. As always, instructions are very clear, knits up easy and fast, looks wonderful. Alas, The owner wasn’t up to modeling, just wearing.
  • Yarn: Drops Cotton Merino (3 skeins of gray, and a bit of orange-like)
  • Needle: 3 mm KnitPro carbon
  • Buttons: these :)

Visual tribute:


Pleasant Discovery



About a year and a half ago I started making multicolored (ok ok, two colored :) ) beaded wrist warmers. As it often happens, this project joined the unfinished ones…

Today, going around my home I suddenly remembered I had this single beauty hidden somewhere. Found it, examined and it became clear that it wasn’t going to have a friend…

First of all, I couldn’t identify where I had stopped stringing the beads onto the yarn, so it meant I would have to redo it.. And it must be nearly a thousand beads for one wrist warmer. Well, ok – not the biggest of issues. It also felt a bit too tight on the wrist. Yet again, who of us doesn’t have that mysterious corner in the wardrobe for those “I’ll fit in it again” secrets? The biggest obstacle I have no way overcoming is TIME, that have passed… There is no way I could make another one of the same size after such a long pause. I noticed, that in order to have wrist warmers of the same size I have to be making them simultaneously, otherwise my gauge gets lost…

But one simply cannot let such a beauty go to waste!

What a luck – my DPNs needed a new and cozy home :) And I also had a glass of the right size – lucky again! :) I feel like an idea of making more of these cozies is gently getting into my head :D My knitting equipment then would have a really luxurious storage space :)

And some “scary” statistics for the end:

Needles – 1.25 mm (I literally had holes on my fingertips while making it… )

Yarn – very soft baby alpaca, 50 g – 375 m, held double.

Bead pattern – adapted from here.

And that is my pleasant discovery of the day!




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