Tasty Cardi



It’s been a long! But I’m back and here’s one of my latest projects – Tasty cardi :)
It got such a name, because every time my Little Prince gets dressed in it, he immediately starts eating either buttons or cuffs. Something must be really tasty in it :D

I guess it might be because of the softness of the Dolce Amore cotton! And it is so sad that the LYS that used to sell it won’t be doing it anymore… :( I loved this yarn, because of its softness, drapery fabric and beautiful colors. And it has absolutely no stiffness, which you can sometimes feel with cotton.

It took one ball of each color to make this beauty. And I made some changes to the original pattern. Instead of simply binding off the stockinette (which usually results in rolling up…) I finished cuffs and neck and bottom with i-cord bind of. It looks nice, delicate and stays put :D


The owner of the cardi appreciates it, though I’m not sure which appeals to him more – the look of it, or the taste? :D

We wish You all tasty knits!



Beauty likes sacrifices



Knitting beaded wrist warmers is really challenging and (at least in my case) painful thing. It does not belong to those projects which you can do as a form of relaxation in the evening, with one eye on your knitting, the other – looking after the little one and participating in a small talk all at the same time. But when your mother mentions how much she likes this accessory and how much she would love to own a pair.. Well, is there anything you wouldn’t do for your Mother? :) Continue reading

Waiting for the spring



So the day has come – lovely hat from green Drops Alpaca is now too small for my little prince… I simply adore those little elfish / dwarfy hats, so obviously was looking for something similar, when I came across this one – Garter Ear Flap Hat. Super cute, elfish, covers little ears and – FREE. One can definetely add this one  to the list of perfect hats :) In order to get the right yarn weight I made a mix from my stash:  Filace Wayra + Filatura di Crosa Centolavaggi + Filatura di Crosa Dolce Amore + Grignasco Champagne. Knitted with 5mm DPN.

Perfect for that unclear weather we’ve been experiencing for the last few days :)

I joined the Gang!!!


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Finally – I oficially joined the still light gang!!! 

I fell in love with this tunic the moment I saw it and have been craving to make one for myself since. Then, on my birthday I got perfect present – visit to a yarn shop. The time has come for me to get down with this project…

First of all I bought the yarn (9 balls of Drops Alpaca, color petrol), 2.5 mm circulars was already in my collection, finally purchased the pattern on ravelry and the quest began!!!

I must admit – this project isn’t that easy. You have to be extremely determined and eager to go on and  on and on with these endles knit rows. In fact, those increases for the pockets was like a salvation for the mind, because it required at least some counting and thinking :)

When the pockets were done and ahead was the very end of the skirt, I was starting to think that this project might last till next winter….

And the sleeves were still ahead… But, I’m persistent enough! I placed a marker in every 10th row on the sleeves – it helped see the process and not feel stuck :D

Finally one evening, after about 1 month of juggling with the needles I bound off the last stitch. I was literally jumping with the happiness, like a child :D The only thing left was to wash it and let it dry. Meanwhile I was looking for a button – and found it!!!

Oh… I loves those pockets :) And it is so unbelievably warm and light!

I want one more :) Who has some patience to spare? :)



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